phd defense

July 3, 2020

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

The public defense of the doctoral thesis is the final step of completing the degree of docteur ès sciences at EPFL. Please join me to celebrate the end of this journey and the beginning of the next one!

PROgram — from 4pm

Research Presentation
Presentation of the Diploma
Reflection on the Journey
Apéro Dinatoire / Refreshments

Please use the form below to RSVP for the event, taking place the afternoon & evening of Friday, July 3, 2020, on the main campus of EPFL in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland.

Below the form, you will find information on travel, accommodation, and sightseeing recommendations. If you are coming from abroad - and especially if this is your first time to Switzerland - welcome to fill out the Travel Form near the bottom of the page, in order to best allow my people and me to help you make the most of your journey.

A bientôt! I look forward to seeing you in Switzerland!


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photo by  jukka veltheim
I am driven by the hope that I haven’t done my best work yet.
— Paula Scher

travel well

a collection of my favorite discoveries & recommended experiences in the region


Lavaux (Montreux, Vevey, ...)

The Lavaux region of the coastline hosts these Terraced Vineyards, miles of walls built by monks in the 12th century and protected today as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The internationally renowned Montreux Jazz Festival will take place July 3-18; their free OFF festival along the lakeside boardwalk is a fantastic evening. Book tickets for paid events in advance.


Leukerbad (Loèche les Bains)

My absolute favorite getaway to recharge — whether by hiking all day or sitting in the thermal baths and watching the light change on the awe-inspiring giant rock face of the Gemmi. Just 3 hours by train.

Don’t miss!



Just around the corner from Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen is an easy 3-hour journey by train from Lausanne. (You’ll change trains in Bern, so schedule a few hours to explore Switzerland’s capital city before continuing on.) Lauterbrunnen is nestled in a breathtaking valley with multiple waterfalls. Walk along the valley floor, and take it to the next level with cable cars, allowing you an easy walk to the cliffside village of Mürren. You’ll end up face to face with the impressive Jungfrau range!


Annecy, France

The “Venice of France” is nestled behind alps, with beautiful canals, sandy beaches on a turquoise lake, and lots of good eats! Just 1.5 hours driving from EPFL (not highly recommended to take the 3 hour journey via public transport).


travel smart

tips and tricks to see Switzerland without breaking the bank


Public transport

SBB / CFF — Swiss train company

  • Download their app.

  • Plan your travel as much as possible beforehand and buy “Supersaver” tickets for many routes as far as several months to 1 week in advance.

  • Use their app to simulate your journeys. If you (as an individual) have tickets that total 300 CHF or more, consider buying a “Half-Fare travelcard”. You literally get half price on all tickets. If you buy a Half-Fare card and book Supersaver tickets in advance, you’ll pay about 25% of the baseline price.

CGN — Regional boat / ferry company for the Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). July is a great time to be on the lake! You can get to the French city of Evian (home of the famous bottled water), or the quaint French medieval village of Yvoire, in 30 minutes.

Trainline — International train tickets. For example, to Paris for less than $100.


Car rental

You can get to truly anywhere via public transport in Switzerland. However, renting a car can allow you to personalize your journey, and may even save you some money—depending on how many need to travel. I’ve rented from Europcar; do look around at your options online. Two things to beware of: (1) If you want to see much of the country, you’ll likely need to drive through alps, entailing steep roads with bridges and tunnels. These aren’t necessarily dangerous; just be prepared. (2) Stay strictly within the speed limit. There are cameras everywhere, and if you’re caught, you’ll be fined 40 CHF (=$40) for every kilometer per hour over the speed limit. (Driver beware: They will track you down to your home address and you’ll receive these fines in the mail in your home country.)


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photo by marco meyer via unsplash

photo by marco meyer via unsplash