photo by Kiki Siepel on Unsplash


I’m currently based in Morges, Switzerland, primarily focusing on completing my phd thesis at EPFL ENTC. I’ve been receiving more speaking requests around topics including culture, identity, entrepreneurship, and faith—here’s a talk I gave recently.

Having significantly reduced travel in 2019, I’ve been enjoying spending more time in my neighborhood and in community and service at Westlake Church, and with local Sandboxers. I’m enjoying being rooted in the deep, long-term friendships that are facilitated by living in one place for a few years—a sharp contrast to my nomadic past. I’m devoting attention to inner growth, learning to understand and “hack” my brain, emotions, and creative process, and have been vocal about that process.

Conversations around managing creative work in a multicultural world led to launching the Perspectivism To Go podcast in summer 2019—a collaborative project with my sister, fine artist Toreah Foy.

*I was inspired to add a “now page”, after reading Dane Johnson’s. Why? Here’s the point.


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